IFALPA Daily News – 28 January 2013


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American Airlines unveils new look
Even as it tries to emerge from bankruptcy and eyes a possible merger with US Airways, American
Airlines is busy with a new project: a face lift.
Airlines join protest against Curacao Airport fee increases
Airline groups are joining forces to protest Curacao Airport’s 150% fee increase in taxes and landing
German airports hit by security staff strike
German airports faced flight disruptions and cancellations last weekend as security staff continued a
strike over pay.
Fires at Melbourne International Airport just part of training
If you spot fearsome 30-foot orange flames billowing from Melbourne International Airport this week,
don’t be alarmed. In all likelihood, that blaze was sparked during a firefighter training drill.
Two airlines suspend Iran flights as economy weakens
Two European airlines said they were halting services to Iran, a sign of the crumbling purchasing power
of Iranians as their economy buckles under the weight of Western sanctions, Reuters reported.
NATS charts available on Plane Finder app
NATS has joined forces with the developers of one of the most successful aircraft finder apps to offer
flight charts as a bolt-on wallpaper style extra for those interested in seeing more detail.
China’s jumbo air freighter test flight a success
China has conducted a successful test flight of its first domestically developed jumbo air freighter, the
official state news agency Xinhua reported on Saturday.