IFALPA Daily News – 29 January 2013


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British Airways pilots possible victims of toxic cabin fumes
Two of British Airways’ most talented pilots have died after complaining of years of exposure to toxic
oil fumes on board passenger planes.
Plane crash kills 20 in Kazakhstan
A passenger plane crashed in thick fog near Kazakhstan’s commercial capital Almaty on Tuesday and
broke into pieces when it hit the ground, killing at least 20 people.
Afghanistan’s Kam Air rejects drug smuggling allegation
Kam Air, Afghanistan’s largest private carrier, has angrily rejected media reports alleging that it
smuggles opium on passenger flights to Tajikistan.
Air France launches new regional carrier
Air France has announced a revamp of its regional services which will operate under the new brand Hop.
U.S. Carriers keep lid on growth
U.S. carriers this year expect to add only minimal supply to the domestic market, positioning them to
maintain a degree of pricing power.
GCAA inks agreement with Airbus ProSky to restructure airspace
UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and Airbus ProSky signed an agreement today starting the
first phase of a major project: restructuring of the UAE Airspace.