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Lebanon: abducted Turkish pilots in sound health
Two Turkish Airlines pilots who were abducted in Lebanon are being held in a safe location, according
to Lebanese Interior Minister Marwan Charbel.
Africa’s ailing national airlines survive on USD2.5 billion of government subsidy. Not sound policy
Africa’s unenviable record of government interference in the continent’s aviation system is
demonstrated by no less than nine carriers currently surviving at the behest of their respective
governments through a variety of financial support mechanisms collectively worth about USD2.5 billion.
SAA to remain Lufthansa’s main partner in Africa
A lack of suitable partner airlines is preventing Europe’s largest carrier, Lufthansa, from collaborating
with carriers in densely populated and economically vibrant West Africa.
EU can salvage aviation carbon plan with UN credits, IETA says
Europe may need to let airlines use United Nations credits to meet pollution caps after countries
spurned the bloc’s plan to apply its carbon market to overseas flights, according to the biggest
emissions trading lobby group.
MidEast carriers post world’s highest traffic growth – IATA
Middle East carriers had the strongest year-over-year traffic growth in the world during August,
according to latest figures released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
USA: Airlines hire pilots as shortage looms
As airlines plan to hire hundreds of new pilots, industry officials warn that a shortage looms because
of retirements, greater training requirements and longer rest periods between shifts.
Cebu Pacific first Philippine carrier to land in Dubai in 15 years
Cebu Pacific sent off its first long-haul flight at 4:40pm today. The daily non-stop 9-hour Manila-Dubai
service serves as a milestone for the airline that has made its mark in short-haul regional and domestic
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IFALPA Aviation Safety Management System (ASMS) Course

IFALPA in conjunction with AMPL Moroccan ALPA will be hosting the Aviation Safety Management System

by USC Viterbi School in Casablanca, Morocco from the 18th to 22nd November 2013 taking place at the

Kenzie Tower Hotel, Twin Centre, bd Zerktouni, 20 100 Casablanca.

IFALPA Negotiations Seminar

At the kind invitation of VNV, IFALPA is planning another of our well established Negotiations Seminar at

the VNV offices in Amsterdam from the 13th to the 15th of November.