IFALPA Daily News – 4 July 2013‏


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China certifies first aircraft carrier pilots  
China has certified its first pilots deck crew for aircraft carrier operations following a 25-day training
deployment by the nation’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning.
Dublin airport ‘an alternative hub to Heathrow’, says Aer Lingus
The airline said it experienced a 36pc increase in the number of UK passengers flying to North
America via Dublin in June compared to a year earlier, as it announced it is expanding its long-haul
transatlantic business.
Air passengers will pay the price of rising oil: IATA
As U.S. crude oil prices crossed $100 a barrel for the first time since September 2012 on Wednesday,
the CEO of International Air Transport Association (IATA) warned that any further spike in oil prices
could lead to higher passenger fares.
British Airways gets first Airbus A380 in fleet upgrade
The emergence of the fuel-efficient double-decker through the grey clouds over Heathrow airport in
west London on Thursday, was greeted by hundreds of British Airways (BA) staff and spectators, a
boon to a group that has been weighed down by its ageing fleet.
Richard Branson reveals “world’s best complaint letter” about Virgin Atlantic
Virgin boss Sir Richard “Beardie” Branson has revealed what many have dubbed the “world’s best
complaint letter”, from a dissatisfied customer complaining about the food on his airline.