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German airports to be hit by strikes on Thursday

Passengers at German airports face lengthy delays on Thursday after trade union Verdi called for

a strike by ground staff as part of wider industrial action over public sector pay.

DGCA looking at mandatory psychometric tests for pilots in India

In the wake of the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight, the Directorate

General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India might make it mandatory for pilots to undergo

psychometric (psychological) tests at regular intervals.

Gulf airlines defend female cabin crew policies

Qatar Airways and Emirates Airline have defended their policies on pregnancy and marriage for

cabin crew after the Qatar carrier came under fire over its working conditions.

India’s Air Costa aims to go international

Five-month-old Indian regional airline Air Costa plans to start international operations once India

lifts its rule that limits new carriers to domestic services during their first five years of operation.

ATC time hack rules updated

An update to the FAA’s JO 7110.663 rule means that air traffic controllers who use time-based

clearances will soon no longer announce what time standard they are using.

San Miguel’s Ang revives plan for $10 billion Manila airport

San Miguel Corp. (SMC), the Philippines’ largest company, revived plans to build an airport in

Manila as the fastest-growing Southeast Asian nation attracts tourists and investors.

Air Serbia agreement with UAE based Etihad confirmed by Serbian regulators

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, confirmed today that requisite

government and regulatory approvals, consent and permissions sanctioning the strategic partnership

between Air Serbia and Etihad Airways, have now been obtained.

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