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Parliament set for ‘drama’ over aviation emissions vote

A compromise agreement reached with EU member states earlier this month over carbon

emission allowances for aviation is set for rejection in the European Parliament today (19 March)

as political groups have rallied to denounce “bullying” from China, Russia and the United States.

Bombardier invests $200 million in Morocco to support Africa’s aviation growth

Africa represents a great investment opportunity for ambitious multinationals, with long-term

annual growth projections of about 4.4% a year and a population of 1 billion with ever increasing

purchasing power.

Norwegian Air CEO: ‘I need experienced pilots and I pay them well’

Norwegian Air Shuttle CEO Bjorn Kjos said that all the forces arrayed against him — including 38 U.S.

senators, the pilots union, the flight attendants union and the big three airlines — have it wrong.

Turkish Airlines refutes claims over arms shipments    

Turkish Airlines has denied recent reports that it has been engaged in arms shipping, noting in a

written statement that the company does not transfer weapons to countries subject to United

Nations Security Council sanctions.

Issues raised as ADS-B installations slowly gain steam

The Jan. 1, 2020, mandate for installation of ADS-B Out equipment in U.S.-registered aircraft was a

hot topic last week at the Aircraft Electronics Association show in Nashville, Tenn.

Hainan Air to add 27 aircraft, expand abroad

Hainan Airlines will take delivery of 27 aircraft this year that will help increase the number of routes

it flies to the United States and Europe, a company executive said on Wednesday.