IFALPA Daily News – 18 September 2013‏


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Pilots will not be used to hide Air Malta management’s mistakes – union
The Air Malta pilots’ union, ALPA, said today that it doubted that the number of pilots who reported
sick yesterday was as high as the airline was making it out to be.
Boeing’s stretched 787-9 Dreamliner makes first flight
A longer version of Boeing Co’s Dreamliner made its first flight on Tuesday, passing a key milestone
for a plane that should be more profitable both for Boeing to sell and for its customers to operate
than the current production model.
IATA: Using aviation’s potential to drive economic growth in Africa
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) called on public and private stakeholders to work
together to address critical priorities to enable aviation to do more to drive economic growth in
Fire at Logan Airport fuel pumps strands planes
Flights appeared to be getting back to normal Wednesday morning after a fire at Boston Logan
International Airport’s fuel pumps.
Risk of flight delays returns as FAA weighs furloughs
Flight delays caused by air-traffic controller furloughs are at risk of recurring as the Federal Aviation
Administration considers sending workers home without pay during the next fiscal year amid a
funding shortfall.
Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia pledges to reform its sector
The Sector Reform 2013 meeting will be held soon to discuss the reform actions being and to be
implemented in the aviation sector initiated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia.
Cyprus Airways: an airline in need of the turnaround of all turnarounds
Mired in financial difficulty, Cyprus Airways is one of many European airlines currently working to
implement a Turnaround Plan.
Icelandair’s expansion of flight schedules from Canada to Europe
Travel between North America and Europe to join a cruise ship is sometimes more expensive than
the cruise itself. Hundreds of times this summer, I’ve seen cruises for under $1,000 and airfares to
get there over the $1,000.