IFALPA Daily News – 14 June 2013‏


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Airbus A350 takes off on first flight
The Airbus A350 successfully completed its first flight on Friday after a four-hour test flight.
Flights cancelled as storm sweeps US Midwest
A violent storm swept across the upper Midwest on Wednesday and headed toward the US East
Coast, spawning several tornadoes as well as damaging hail and high winds, but skirted Chicago
without doing major damage.
FAA releases key enhanced vision NPRM
The FAA has released a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) that would allow many more
operators to continue flying below decision altitude/decision height or minimum descent altitude
(DA/DH or MDA) during IMC when equipped with enhanced flight vision systems (EFVS).
Turkish Airlines’ push into Africa is worrying its European rivals
Deutsche Lufthansa AG’s Brussels Airlines unit said ticket prices and revenue on the African routes
in which it specializes face a squeeze as rivals including Turkish Airlines pour capacity into the
Aeromexico to take delivery of three 787s in 2013, outlines initial operational plans
Aeromexico announced on 13 June that it will take delivery of its first Boeing 787-8 in the first half
of August 2013.
U.K. to airlines: Don’t bring NSA leaker Edward Snowden here
British authorities issued a directive to airlines all around the world, telling them not to transport
NSA information leaker Edward Snowden to the United Kingdom.