IFALPA Daily News – 12 November 2013‏


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Pilot monitoring guide nears completion
The final version of a guide to teach pilot monitoring skills should be released by late spring next
year, a member of the working group told an audience at the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF)
international safety summit in Washington, D.C. Pilot monitoring deficiencies have been listed as
a contributing factor in a number of accidents over the past decade.
Air India discovers 400 ‘ghost employees’ including pilots and cabin crew members
After being notoriously lethargic, another startling revelation about state-owned airline Air India
(AI) has sent the Human Resource (HR) department of the Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) in a
state of shock.
TSB sounds safety alarm on runway overruns
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) said that it is concerned that runway overruns
may continue if no more is done to understand the issue of uncommanded nose wheel steering
events on Boeing aircraft.
Airline passengers threatened to blow up plane in midair, court hears
Tayyab Subhani and Mohammed Safdar are accused of endangering safety of flight from Lahore
to Manchester in May.
Australia expands ADS-B network as mandate nears
Airservices Australia commissioned two new ground stations to support its national automatic
dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) network as the country’s first ADS-B mandate
Israel and Philippines sign direct flight agreement
Israel and the Philippines have signed an aviation agreement to allow direct scheduled flights
between the two countries for the first time. The agreement supersedes the 1951 agreement.
Lanseria’s new runway is operational
Lanseria International Airport, north-west of Johannesburg, has opened a new 3 000 metre long,
45 metre wide runway.