IFALPA Daily News – 2 April 2013


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Shura Council approves new law to improve safety of Bahrain’s airline industry
A new law designed to improve the safety of Bahrain’s airline industry has been approved.
African Airlines ‘right-size’ their way to prosperity
The success enjoyed by outside players in providing capacity to Africa has meant regional and domestic business has assumed ever-increasing importance not just for Africa’s indigenous airlines but for the continent’s economic growth as well.
Alexandria Airport reopens after runway protest
Alexandria’s airport reopened late on Sunday afternoon, state media said, after Egyptian poliçe officers ended their runway sit-in over higher pay which closed the country’s second biggest airport for over six hours.
Supreme Court declines to hear airlines’ appeal of fare display rule
The US Supreme Court denied a petition by low-cost carriers asking the court to reject a regulation requiring that taxes be displayed as part of the fare price in advertising.
Cairo Airport to partly close in summer
Cairo airport will close two of its runways for four hours each day from early June to save power for the Egyptian government that is struggling to pay for fuel imports for power stations, the minister of civil aviation said.