IFALPA Daily News – 22 April 2013


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 Lufthansa grounded by strike at German airports
Lufthansa was virtually grounded on Monday, with nearly all of its flights cancelled because of a second strike in a month over workers’ pay.
Israeli Cabinet approves open skies agreement; Israeli carriers launch industrial action
Israel’s Government Cabinet approved an open skies agreement with the EU on 21 April 2013.
Europe to back FAA on 787 flight resumption
European safety authorities are backing a decision by US regulators to allow the Boeing 787
Dreamliner to resume flights after a three-month grounding.
Airline groups sue FAA to halt furloughs of controllers
Airline trade groups seeking to block budget-driven furloughs of air-traffic controllers said in a lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration that the planned cutbacks are based on a flawed reading of the law.
Pinnacle Airlines finds a new owner and a new headquarters
Spring has a special, more than symbolic meaning for Pinnacle Airlines this year. Later this month,
the regional carrier will emerge from a painful bankruptcy as a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, a legacy carrier that is among the largest in the world.
Ryanair pilot rewarded for outstanding contribution 
On Saturday 13 April, Ryanair’s longest-serving pilot, Captain John Goss, was awarded the Presidential Citation for his outstanding contribution to the pilot profession by the International Federation of
Airline Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA).