IFALPA Daily News – 9 May 2013


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Volcanic ash suspends flights at Mexican airport
Flights to and from Puebla airport, southeast of Mexico City, were halted on Wednesday morning as
ash from the nearby Popocatepetl volcano covered the runway, a state government official said.
Boeing warns against US Ex-Im Bank closure
Closure of the US Export-Import Bank would have very serious consequences for Boeing and hand a
competitive advantage to its rival Airbus, a senior executive at Boeing’s financing arm said.
Air New Zealand faces $10 million fine for cargo price-fixing
Air New Zealand could face a fine of up to $10 million if allegations that it conspired with other
airlines to fix cargo prices are proved.
Pilot career is losing its appeal, shows survey
A new survey by the University of North Dakota Aviation Department suggests that young people
are being turned off by the prospect of a career as an airline pilot.
Smell forces pilots to land with Oxygen masks
A dizzy and nauseous captain and his co-pilot were forced to wear oxygen masks as they landed a
plane carrying 139 passengers at Heathrow Airport.
Turkish Airlines makes U-turn on red lipstick ban
Turkish Airlines is quashing a ban on female flight attendants wearing red lipstick and nail polish,
its chief executive said today, after an outcry by secular Turks worried the country is becoming
too Islamic.
Man who faked his way into cockpit pleads guilty to fraud
The man who conned his way into the cockpit of an US Airways flight in March pleaded guilty
Wednesday in Philadelphia to one count of fraud in connection with an identification document.