IFALPA Daily News – 6 August 2013


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Lebanon pilots stage sit-in over ‘arbitrary’ layoffs
Two dozen pilots and labor activists staged a sit-in Tuesday over what they say is the arbitrary firing
of Lebanese airmen and the preferential treatment of foreign pilots.
Changing aircraft design to limit fires after crashes not simple, says Transport Canada
Changing the way aircraft are designed to save lives by limiting fires after plane crashes wouldn’t be
simple, nor would it be the most effective way to reduce aviation fatalities, a senior official with
Transport Canada says.
Ministry to probe airplane’s overshot landing in Japan
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said Tuesday it would investigate a Korean Air
flight’s overrun of a runway while it was landing at a Japanese airport.
Greek air staff union calls off August strikes
Greek air staff union called off the rolling 24-hour strikes initially scheduled for August 9-12 and
August 15-18 which would disrupt flights at the height of the summer tourism season.
Plane makers de-rate to chase regional growth
After focusing for years on aircraft that could fly ever further, Airbus and Boeing are turning to
shorter-range planes that appeal to airlines reluctant to pay for performance they don’t need.
Pinnacle renamed Endeavor Air
Delta Air Lines regional subsidiary Pinnacle Airlines began operating under the name Endeavor Air
on August 1, marking the second name change for the airline established as Express Airlines I in
February 1985.
Regulator to put in place strict fitness test for flight attendants
Only the fit shall fly appears to be the new motto of India’s civil aviation regulator, which plans to
make it mandatory for flight attendants to clear the stringent ICAO Class 2 medical test, as part
of a larger attempt to improve safety standards.