IFALPA Daily News – 30 April 2013


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 Russia bans passenger flights over Syria
Russia’s air transport agency on Tuesday banned all Russian civilian planes from flying through
Syrian air space after the crew of a Russian passenger jet reported coming under threat over the
war-torn country.
 Bill would require secondary cockpit barriers to prevent hijackings
A new bipartisan bill in the House would require secondary cockpit barriers in all commercial
aircraft to prevent terrorists takeovers when pilots open flight-deck doors.
 Athens International Airport announcement on Ryanair’s allegations
Athens International Airport has released a statement following Ryanair’s Press Conference held
on 25 April, titled “Ryanair’s rescue plan for the Greek tourism”.
 Turkish Airlines mulls plan to curb Russian on-board drinking
There’s no better way to start and end a holiday in Turkey than with a drink, but it appears that
some Russian tourists are taking things a bit too far.
 Civil Aviation Authority seeks reduction in airport charges
Heathrow airport has been told to introduce a real-terms cut in the fees it charges airlines in order
to curb its “substantial market power” – a move that could put the brakes on spiralling air fare
NASA tests flower-based biofuel for jets
In Hampton Roads, a jet engine may be the sound of freedom, but the contrail it leaves behind is
nothing to salute.