IFALPA Daily News – 24 May 2013


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Heathrow Airport runways closed after plane ‘fire’
A British Airways (BA) plane had to return to Heathrow Airport to make an emergency landing after
black smoke was seen coming from an engine
Turkish Airlines rejects union’s pay proposal, strike continues
Turkish Airlines said on Wednesday it would raise employees’ wages by less than union demands
and would no longer engage in contract talks, potentially prolonging a strike that it says has so far
had little impact on its operations.
Solar Impulse completes second leg of journey
Solar Impulse, the solar plane that developers hope to eventually pilot around the globe, landed
safely in Texas on Thursday, completing the second and longest leg of an attempt to fly across the
United States powered only by the sun.
Lufthansa transfers additional flights to Germanwings
Lufthansa transfer further flights to its subsidiary Germanwings as a part of its restructuring
program SCORE.
Strong wind delays flights at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport
Several flights at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport were delayed today due to strong winds from the
TSA: Small knives on planes likely in next 30 days
Despite opposition, the Transportation Security Administration expects to allow small knives
on airplanes, starting in the next month.