IFALPA Daily News – 21 February 2013


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Sequester cuts could force FAA to reduce ATC services
FAA, along with other US government agencies, faces the imposition of mandatory budget cuts on
March 1 that could lead to disruptions in air transport services.
Turkish Airlines goes global
Last March, Turkish Airlines became the first international carrier in 20 years to fly to Somalia. So keen
was the company to start service in the war-torn country – not a particularly friendly one to travellers
by land (al-Shabab militants), air (the Black Hawk Down incident), or sea (pirates), mind you – that it
helped make repairs to the Mogadishu airport.
The jet pack that ‘anyone can fly’
A jetpack costing £66,000 has been unveiled which its makers say could be used by the emergency
services, the military and also for leisure.
NBAA welcomes global emissions proposals
The National Business Aviation Association has welcomed global moves toward new standards to limit
aircraft carbon emissions and continue the process of reducing noise levels.
Chile launches prequalification process for Santiago Airport new terminal
Chile’s Minister of Public Works Loreto Silva launched the prequalification process for parties interested
in participating in the tender for the construction of Santiago Arturo Benitez International Airport’s new
Pratt stays in market for biggest jet engines
United Technologies Corp.’s Pratt & Whitney unit said it remains committed to developing a version of
its newest engine for wide-body jets even after opting not to compete on Boeing Co.’s latest 777 model.
Ghana president promises establishment of new airline
President John Dramani Mahama says under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative his
government will partner the private sector to establish new national airline to meet the current economic
demands in the aviation industry.