IFALPA Daily News – 20 January 2014‏


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Omani pilots boost national carrier’s flight crews

Oman Air’s flight crew numbers are receiving a major boost, thanks to a significant increase in the

recruitment of Omani citizens.

Probe launched after lasers flashed at 3 Vancouver-area aircraft

Mounties are investigating after three aircraft flying over Metro Vancouver were targeted by blinding

lasers Monday night including planes belonging to Air Canada and WestJet, and CTV’s news helicopter,

Chopper 9.

Cyprus looks for ‘technical solution’ with Turkey on air safety

Cyprus and international organizations dealing with air navigation safety will intensify efforts to solve

the problems caused in Cyprus’ airspace as a result of the illegal operation of the airport in the Turkish

occupied areas and Turkey`s refusal to cooperate with Cyprus on flight services.

Airlines flout fog-safety norms

Despite DGCA asking airlines to deploy aircrafts and cabin crew capable of flying in CAT-III B conditions,

some airlines continue to flout norms, thereby causing delays and multiple cancellations.

Ethiopia passes FAA’s safety audit

Officials of FAA last week informed ECAA that Ethiopia meets the International Civil Aviation

Organization’s (ICAO) international flight safety standards.

Bomb scare causes brief Brazilian airport closure

A bomb threat left in a Brazilian airport caused a TAM Airlines flight to make an emergency landing and

briefly closed the airport in the Amazonian city of Manaus on Saturday, five months before the country

hosts the World Cup tournament.

Philippines – France: Direct air links may be restored after 16 years

The last time Philippine Airlines flew to Paris was in 1998 when it operated four flights per week.