IFALPA Daily News – 20 February 2014‏


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UPS crash pilot told colleague schedule was ‘killing’ him         

A United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) pilot who said he felt tired was descending too steeply when

his plane struck a hillside in Alabama and crashed before dawn last year, according to documents

released by U.S. investigators.

ANA gains wisdom as it tackles Dreamliner issues

Boeing 787 launch customer ANA reports dispatch reliability of 99.63 percent and 98.51 percent,

respectively for its domestic-service and international Dreamliners, less in each case than its fleet


Aviation regulators announce major changes

Major changes to improve the safety of North Sea helicopter operations, including prohibiting

flights in the most severe conditions, have been announced by aviation regulators.

United first to fly with new ‘split scimitar’ winglets

United Airlines says it has become the world’s first carrier to operate an airliner fitted with new

“split scimitar” winglets on a commercial flight.

Airbus reduces weight with 3D printing

Innovative 3D-printing (additive layer manufacturing) technology used by Airbus is beginning to

shape the future of aircraft component manufacture for its jetliners.

Airlines warned to beware of possible shoe bombs

The U.S. government has warned airlines to pay particular attention to the possibility of terrorists

attempting to hide explosives in shoes, a result of new intelligence, according to two people

familiar with the situation.

AirAsia-Tata SIA unlikely to take flight anytime soon

Tata Sons’ two airline ventures with Malaysian budget carrier AirAsia Berhad and Singapore Airlines

are unlikely to take flight anytime soon with both start-ups embroiled in securing regulatory