IFALPA Daily News – 16 July 2013‏


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London Mayor outlines Heathrow alternatives
London’s mayor, Boris Johnson, sketched out three options to solve London’s airport capacity
shortage, slamming the idea that expanding Heathrow is a viable alternative, in the latest episode
in a long-running political tussle.
American Eagle pilots say no to US Airways pay proposal
The union that represents pilots at American Eagle says it won’t consider a proposal from US
Airways Group that would have paid new pilot hires less than current pilots at the Fort Worth-
based regional carrier.
Too close for comfort: FAA says near accidents have spiked
Aircraft collisions that are “barely avoided” have increased more than 600 percent in the past four
years, according to data from the Federal Aviation Administration, potentially putting thousands of
passengers’ lives at risk.
New Indian aviation regulator passes first hurdle
India’s Directorate-General of Civil Aviation’s (DGCA) days as a regulator appear to be numbered
now that the country’s government has approved “in principle” a new Civil Aviation Authority to
replace it.
Emirates Airline tie-up revives fortunes of Australia’s Qantas
Three months into the Qantas-Emirates pact, the Irish-born chief executive of Australia’s flag
carrier is steering the airline nicknamed The Flying Kangaroo back to health.
Chinese airline to hire ‘flight aunties
To meet strong growth in demand, China’s Spring Airlines is on a drive to hire new flight attendants,
a profession that’s highly sought-after in the nation for the glamour and travel opportunities.