IFALPA Daily News – 13 December 2013


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WestJet flight crew saves passenger with defibrillator
A man is lucky to be alive after flight crews at the Edmonton International Airport used a defibrillator
to restart his heart.
Airlines seek new rules for air-rage
Fighting soccer fans, fashion models screaming obscenities and a French film star relieving himself in
the gangway are just a few well publicised examples of what airlines say is a growing trend of abusive
passenger behaviour on planes.
The Civil Aviation Safety Authority grounds 6 more planes belonging to Australian regional airline Brindabella
The Canberra-based Brindabella Airlines is not allowed to use the aircraft until a maintenance review
is carried out.
It’s high time all work to improve air safety: Gharti
Nepal’s Minister for Agriculture Development Tek Bahadur Thapa Gharti, who is looking after the
Tourism Ministry in the absence of Tourism Minister Ram Kumar Shrestha, has said it’s high time all
stakeholders work collectively on war footing to ensure a sound air safety record.

Air Canada plane catches fire en route to Vancouver

An Air Canada Express flight from Nanaimo to Vancouver was forced to turn around Thursday morning
after a fire broke out in one engine shortly after takeoff.