IFALPA Daily News – 1 Ekim 2013


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Pilot hours regulation plan rejected by MEPs
Plans to change how pilots’ working hours are regulated have been rejected by MEPs amid safety
Delta pilots will use Surface 2 tablets instead of flight bags
Delta Air Lines announced Monday that it would purchase up to 11,000 Microsoft Surface 2 tablets
to replace pilots’ flight bags.
American Air plans to recruit 1,500 pilots
American Airlines plans to hire 1,500 pilots over the next five years as it expands international
flying and takes delivery of new planes, the carrier said on Monday.
Iran to look into resuming direct flights with US
Iran’s president has asked the country’s aviation authorities to study the possibility of resuming
direct flights between Iran and the US for the first time in more than three decades.
Industry aims to reduce bird strike threat
Wilbur Wright was the first pilot to record a bird strike (in 1905), and the first fatal crash
attributable to a bird strike came seven years later.
Dubai could phase out dual-airport setup to leave sole super-hub
Dubai International airport, which is being expanded to handle 90 million passengers a year, could
be shut in coming decades to focus traffic on a new super-hub under construction with as much as
twice that capacity.
Regional academy to tackle Africa’s pilot shortage
Sudan has opened an academy of aviation sciences and technology, aimed at providing aviation
higher education and producing highly skilled civilian pilots for the national and African airline