IFALPA Daily News – 11 March 2013


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Delays, cancelations as Düsseldorf airport workers strike
Passengers can expect delays and canceled flights at the Düsseldorf airport. The trade unionver.di has called on security workers to strike at Germany’s third largest airport in a bid to improve wages.
Two Tucson men accused of pointing laser at aircraft
Authorities say they’ve arrested two Tucson men who are accused of flashing a laser pointer at a
commercial airplane and a Pima County Sheriff’s Department aircraft.
Dutch, French eye stake in Brazilian airport
Dutch and French airport operators Schiphol and Aeroports de Paris are interested in bidding
together for a stake in Rio de Janeiro’s airport which has been put up for sale by Brazil.
Parked Air China 737 damaged by strong winds
An Air China Boeing 737-800 parked at Tianjin Binhai International Airport suffered damage after
strong winds pushed it into a nearby aerobridge.
 Stowaway suit dismissed
A North Carolina judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the family of a 16-year-old boy whose body
was found in Boston after it is presumed he fell from the wheel well of a US Airways flight that was
landing there.
Pay freeze for Virgin Atlantic staff as carrier faces record annual losses of £135m
Fears of job cuts at Virgin Atlantic have been raised after it announced today it will freeze pay rises for thousands of staff this year as it faces hefty annual losses.