IFALPA Daily News – 30 October 2013‏

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Crash investigator urges stall training for pilots
A federal crash investigator urged a conference of aviation safety officials Tuesday to better train pilots
to avoid stubborn problems such as stalls.
Finnish air traffic strike called off
A strike by Finnish air traffic controllers which was due to start today (Wednesday) has been called off.
Mayo Clinic study: Hypoxia can be detected much earlier
By the time hypoxia is detected, it’s often too late, and the higher the cabin altitude; the less time pilots
have to realize that they need to don oxygen masks.
Lufthansa to make majority of short-haul aircraft quieter
Lufthansa is an active proponent of noise abatement and is investing in the nationwide modification of
157 aircraft from its Airbus A320 family.
Small plane crashes at big airport; no one notices
Authorities struggled to explain how a small plane crashed at an international airport, erupted in fire, but
evidently went unnoticed for hours.
Canada’s Transport Minister reiterates government’s commitment to land border and aviation security
Today, the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, addressed the SecureTech 2013 Conference on
the Government of Canada’s ongoing work to strengthen the security of Canada’s land borders and
aviation system.
Boeing ekes out more fuel savings for 737 MAX
Boeing said on Tuesday that its next-generation 737 MAX jet will beat its previous fuel-efficiency target,
delivering a 14 percent improvement, instead of the 13 percent gain promised earlier this year.