IFALPA Daily News – 9 January 2014‏


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Foggy weather? ‘Drishti’ to provide direction to pilots

Airports across the country may soon be equipped with indigenously developed state-of-the art

runway visibility measuring system ‘Drishti’ to provide information to pilots for safe landing and take

offs during foggy weather.

Initial A350 test aircraft reach 800h

Airbus’s first pair of A350 prototypes have logged over 800h between them since the flight-test

campaign began last June.

Clean Sky 2 will set stage for next generation of airliners

Europe is targeting fuel burn and emission reductions of 20-30% from 2014 levels for airliners entering

service in the 2025-35 time frame, through increased integration of propulsion, structures and systems

to be demonstrated under the proposed Clean Sky 2 research program.

ATSB investigates altitude alarms during Virgin ATR approach

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is investigating an approach by a Virgin Australia ATR

72-600 that resulted in several terrain alert warning system (TAWS) alarms.

NTSB to finish Boeing 787 battery investigation in March; final report due in the fall

The US National Transportation Safety Board on Wednesday said that investigative work into the Jan. 7,

2013, fire aboard a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 at Boston Logan Airport is estimated to be completed by

the end of March.

Cebu Pacific to acquire Tigerair Philippines

Signaling another round of consolidation in the Philippine domestic air transport market, Cebu Pacific and

Singapore-based Tigerair have entered into a strategic alliance calling for the Filipino budget carrier to

acquire Tigerair Philippines (TAP).