IFALPA Daily News – 7 October 2013‏


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LAN pilots in Colombia to refuse overtime
Pilots at the Colombian subsidiary of Chilean airline LAN, who are members of the Acdac union,
said they would refuse to work overtime, after a similar protest by pilots at Colombian airline
Avianca ended last week with a pay increase.
Nigeria grounds airline after accident killing 13
Nigeria’s Federal Aviation Agency says authorities have grounded all aircraft belonging to Lagos-
based Associated Airline following a plane crash that killed at least 13 passengers.
ICAO reaches agreement on emissions deal
ICAO, the United Nations body in charge of civil aviation, has reached a consensus on a market-
based system to curb carbon emissions from airlines by 2020, but rejected a proposal to let Europe
apply its own plan to foreign carriers in the meantime.
Etihad to hire 1,000 pilots
At present, the airline has over 2,300 pilots and a cabin crew with more than 4,000 men and women.
JAL agrees to buy 31 Airbus A350s
Japan Airlines has ordered 31 wide-body A350 planes from Airbus in a deal worth $9.5 billion (£5.9
billion) at list prices.
World Bank to fund Pacific air safety modernisation
The Pacific Civil Aviation Safety Authority says new funding from the World Bank will help bolster the
international reputation of air travel in the region.
New air agreements with Japan, China will boost Canadian economy
Last month, top Canadian immigration and military officials spoke in Vancouver, stressing Canada’s
active push to become more of a player in the international arena — especially in the Asia-Pacific region.