IFALPA Daily News – 6 March 2014‏


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China voices concern over N. Korea’s disregard of air safety rules

China expressed concern Thursday about North Korea’s recent disregard of international

obligations to ensure the safety of civil aviation.

FAA proposes fix for 737 autothrottles

The Federal Aviation Administration is proposing that airlines update the autothrottles on newer

Boeing 737 aircraft, to avoid a problem with slowing down prematurely before landing and

potentially crashing.

ICAO launches new runway safety iKit

In line with its ongoing cooperative efforts to resolve what remains the number one priority for

global aviation safety experts, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has released a

new Runway Safety Implementation Kit (iKit), developed in collaboration with IATA, ACI, CANSO,


Higher pay will help airlines attract pilots needed to comply with new rules

A recently released report verifies what many have suspected when it comes to the supply of

airline pilots: There are plenty of them. They just need to be paid a fair wage to get them into

the cockpit.

Abu Dhabi airport technical failure halts flights    

Dozens of flights to the United Arab Emirates capital of Abu Dhabi were diverted on Thursday

after a technical malfunction during heavy fog led authorities to stop accepting incoming planes,

according to the airport and its main airline.

EU close to exempting long-haul flights from ETS          

The European Union has reached a preliminary deal on a law that will exempt long-haul flights

from paying for carbon emissions until 2016, EU sources said.