IFALPA Daily News – 5 November 2013‏


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Foreign airline pilots, US flight schools: Do they get enough training time in cockpit?
Several former flight instructors who trained students to fly for different airlines based in Asia say
there is a rush to get inexperienced pilots into cockpits of large, wide-body jets to fly long-haul
transoceanic flights.
ATCA discussions highlight worries about NextGen
Industry leaders attending the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) conference in Washington last
month made it clear that one of their major concerns is that additional sequestration cuts are likely
to further slow the deployment of the FAA’s $40 billion NextGen air traffic management system.
Emirates charged with breaching overnight curfew at Sydney Airport
Emirates has become the first airline to be charged with breaching the overnight curfew on flights at
Sydney Airport since Jetstar was prosecuted six years ago.
Boeing working with Air India on 787 window crack
Boeing is working with Air India after the cockpit window of a 787 Dreamliner cracked while landing in
Australia, the plane maker said on Tuesday.
Fog upgrade not priority for British Columbia airport
A string of foggy days that led to cancelled flights at Victoria International Airport in October has raised
questions about the facility’s ability to function in tough weather conditions.
CSeries flight-test program ‘on plan,’ Bombardier says
Bombardier said its CSeries flight-test program is progressing as planned, and its “target” remains to
complete the program and certify the new airliner one year after first flight, or by next September.