IFALPA Daily News – 4 June 2013‏


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Lufthansa open to ties with Gulf carriers
Lufthansa CEO Christoph Franz eased open the door to rival Gulf carriers on Monday, saying he
would not rule out future commercial ties with one of the region’s heavyweight airlines.
Portuguese workers to stage general strike June 27
Portugal’s two largest trade union confederations, the CGTP and the UGT, are calling for a general
strike for Thursday, June 27.
Heathrow to name and shame noisiest airlines
Airlines found guilty of breaking noise limits at London’s Heathrow airport will face bigger fines and
will be named and shamed by the London hub as it seeks to win more public support for a
controversial expansion.
Qantas to look at changing fuel surcharges to align with Emirates
Qantas is to look at changing its taxes and surcharges to align them with those of alliance partner
Emirates, a move which will address a discrepancy that can make it more than $600 cheaper to
redeem a return frequent flyer ticket on the Dubai-based carrier.
Boeing begins final assembly on 787-9
Boeing has begun the final assembly on the 787-9 in Everett, Washington.