IFALPA Daily News – 4 Ekim 2013


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Avianca reaches deal with main pilot union
Colombia’s Avianca has reached a pay deal with most of its pilots after being forced to cancel
hundreds of flights when crew began refusing overtime to push for better remuneration.
Pilots praised for evacuation
Passengers have praised the calm and professional manner in which pilots evacuated a Beech 1900
aircraft when its cabin filled with smoke.
European air traffic strike to hit flights
Flights around Europe are set to face major disruption due to a one-day strike by air traffic controllers.
Helicopter crash raises issues for India’s regulator
The crash of a chartered Bell 212 helicopter on Sunday in the outskirts of Mumbai that killed five will
likely force India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to scrutinize procedures related to
preserving wreckage and the altitudes at which helicopters fly.
Nigeria: Our pilots are recognised internationally – Aviation union leader
In reaction to Thursday’s plane crash, the National President, Association of Aircraft Pilots and
Engineers, Balami David, has discouraged stakeholders from guessing the cause of the accident and
has absolved the pilot and engineer of any fault.
Russia eyes production of commercial aircraft in India
Russia is mulling production of two types of commercial aircraft in India, a move that would cut down
the cost of production by 40 per cent.