IFALPA Daily News – 4 December 2013‏


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Asiana Air vows to build ‘systematic’ safety network after crash
Asiana Airlines Inc., the South Korean carrier that suffered a fatal jet crash in San Francisco in July,
said it’s seeking “fundamental improvement” of its safety systems in an overhaul following the
Air safety neglected ‘to cope with rush’
Air safety was compromised on by the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) when it extended the
flight duty time limitation (FDTL) of the cockpit crew after seeking ‘verbal’ approval from the Civil
Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate a flight during the Haj operation in October.
Low-cost airlines exploit young pilots with pay-to-fly
Young pilots are being exploited by low-cost airlines which make them pay to work as co-pilots, the
Dutch pilots’ union VNV said on Tuesday.
Lufthansa A388 enroute on Nov 29th 2013, fumes injure 8 crew members
A Lufthansa Airbus A380-800, registration D-AIME performing flight LH-572 from Frankfurt/Main
(Germany) to Johannesburg (South Africa) with 219 passengers, had suffered an engine problem
on the previous rotation, after the return of the aircraft engine #3 (Trent 970) had been replaced.
Icing research struggling with physics
Even as researchers study ways to improve detection of in-flight icing and make airframes and
engines more resistant to icing conditions, they continue to struggle to understand the icing
phenomenon–especially the formation of ice crystals–according to speakers at a conference on
the subject organized by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Cologne, Germany recently.
Air Canada to begin flying Boeing Dreamliners in spring 2014
Air Canada said on Wednesday it will take delivery of the first of 37 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft
in the spring of 2014, as it continues to renew its fleet of wide-body aircraft.