IFALPA Daily News – 3 October 2013‏


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Lagos air crash after take-off kills at least 15
A plane carrying twenty passengers has crashed shortly after take-off in Lagos killing at least fifteen
ICAO Assembly elects new council for three-year term
The 38th Session of the Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) completed
the election of its new Council today. The 36-Member Council is the governing body of the
Organization and is elected for a three-year term.
“Just culture” tops agenda at AAMS Safety Conference
The Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) hosted its air medical safety summit last month in
Washington, D.C. Topics covered at the event included enhancing professionalism, data collection,
coordinated communications, technology and developing a low-altitude infrastructure that supports
the helicopter EMS community.
EU countries to support “imperfect” emissions compromise
European countries expressed support for an “imperfect” compromise to curb global aviation
emissions on Wednesday but still face pressure to drop a key demand – to be able to apply the EU’s
carbon trading scheme to foreign air carriers.
ADS-B coming soon to Asian airspace
While the FAA mandate to install ADS-B out equipment for aircraft flying in U.S. airspace by Jan. 1,
2020 is more than six years away, aircraft operating in some countries’ airspace must be compliant
starting this December.
Airline traffic set to grow faster – IATA
Demand for flights is set to accelerate across the world during the rest of 2013, according to the latest
report on air traffic growth by IATA.