IFALPA Daily News – 3 June 2013‏


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Airlines agree common plan for tackling emissions
Global airlines have agreed on a proposal for tackling aircraft emissions in a bid to break international
deadlock over an issue that has stoked fears of a carbon trade war.
Flight paths at new Berlin Airport draw EU ire
Berlin’s much-delayed new airport suffered another setback on Thursday when the European
Commission accused Germany of failing to heed EU wildlife protection law.
Gatwick begins £180 million redevelopment project
Gatwick has begun demolishing one of the oldest parts of the airport in a £180 million improvement
Solar plane leaves Dallas airport, next stop St. Louis
A solar-powered plane that spent more than a week in Texas has departed on the third leg of its cross-
country trip.
Airline study finds onboard illness, diversions rare
A new study of more than seven million commercial aircraft fights has concluded the odds of having a
medical emergency on your plane are 604 to 1 and the chances of ending up at a different airport as a
result are about 8,500 to 1.
Nigerian student pilot who landed helicopter without notifying air tower draws feds’ attention
A man who is not a United States citizen and who landed a helicopter at a Palm Beach County airstrip
in April without first notifying air traffic controllers has attracted the attention of federal officials.