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HC clears path for Jet pilots’ union
The Bombay High Court has cleared the way for the formation of a pilots’ union in Jet Airways.
Pawan Hans pilots go on flash strike, cripple ONGC ops
Forty Pawan Hans pilots refused to fly their helicopters from Mumbai to the offshore rigs on
Monday to show solidarity with five senior officials who quit on Saturday protesting against the
lack of safety cover to pilots flying to Maoist strongholds in central India.
‘Slow progress’ on air safety front
Nepal has made only slight progress in improving aviation safety as per an audit conducted by the
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
Virgin pilots union backs Borghetti
It is perhaps no surprise that the union representing Virgin Australia’s pilots, the Virgin Independent
Pilots Association (VIPA), has come out in support of the airline and its CEO, John Borghetti, but what
is perhaps surprising is the strength of the language it has used to do so, with a statement saying
that the days of a national carrier “are over”, and fingering Qantas for “capacity dumping”.
Bombardier Safety Standdown 2013: Build cross-checking and pilot-monitoring skills
Recognizing the value of crew monitoring and cross checking skills, the industry is poised to roll out the
first edition of a comprehensive training guide to teach pilot monitoring skills.
Iranian carriers to gorge on aircraft spares as sanctions are lifted
Iran Air along with other Iranian carriers will at long last be able to acquire much needed spare parts for
their ageing aircraft fleets after sanctions on the country’s aviation industry were partially lifted.
Kenya breaks ground on big new airport
Only four months after a raging fire engulfed the arrivals terminal at Kenya’s main airport, officials are
breaking ground on new airport construction that Kenyan leaders hope will cement the country as East
Africa’s transportation leader.
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