IFALPA Daily News – 29 July 2013‏


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Green panel clears Navi Mumbai airport
Mumbai may finally get its new airport now as a panel of the Union ministry of environment and
forests (MoEF) has given the ‘green signal’ for the multi-billion rupee project.
Birds force Delta flight back to airport
A Delta Air Lines flight was forced to return to Atlanta’s airport after running into birds Friday
 Surprise drill simulates attack, but airport fear is real
The Israel Airport Authority apologized on Sunday to dozens of passengers who were caught
unawares on Saturday night during a surprise drill at Haifa Airport.
Airberlin to merge, sell service operations units
Airberlin is planning to merge two of its service operations and is preparing the new unit for sale.
Hike in fuel-costs sends Ryanair profits into nosedive
Rising fuel costs have sent Ryanair’s profits plummeting. Profits after tax at the budget airline have
fallen by 21% to £67.3m despite a healthy 5% rise in revenues.
Sri Lanka to ask for more Chinese funding for second international airport
Sri Lanka’s government is seeking nearly $150 million in additional funding from China to complete
work on its second international airport that was initially valued at $209 million, local media reported
on Monday.