IFALPA Daily News – 28 May 2013


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FlightSafety announces flight hour program
As the August 2013 date for implementation of the new ATP safety requirement for all Part 121
pilots nears, the FlightSafety Academy announced a new program to help less experienced
commercial pilots reach the 1,500-hour mark required to apply for the certificate.
Qantas security staff walk of the job
Security screening staff at Perth domestic airport’s Qantas terminal have walked off the job after
five of the employees were temporarily locked out of their workplace for attending a stop work
Pilots speak out on automation in EASA survey
Basic manual and cognitive flying skills decline because of a lack of practice actually flying the
aircraft, according to 80 percent of 151 respondents to a European Aviation Safety Agency survey
about cockpit automation.
Air France equips its entire long-haul fleet with new, lighter baggage containers
In April 2013, Air France completed the renewal of its 3,650 hold baggage containers on its long-
haul aircraft (Airbus A380, A340, A330, Boeing 777 and 747).
Space tourism industry faces safety concerns
Space-industry watchers expressed concern that the emerging space tourism sector is not being
candid enough about the safety risks for travellers.
Emirates to restart flights to Libya, after two year halt
Emirates will restart passenger flights to Tripoli from September 1, operating three-a-week
services via Malta.