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GAO report: scant evidence of growing shortage of airline pilots; low pay appears to be issue

Regional airlines report difficulty over the past year in finding enough pilots to hire, but it isn’t

clear whether there is a shortage of pilots, a government watchdog said in a report released


‘Pilots hindering airline’s restructuring’

Cyprus Airways Pilots’ union PASYPI has “repeatedly hindered” the troubled carrier’s efforts to

survive, four other CY unions have said, lambasting the pilots for their confrontational stance

towards management’s efforts to reduce payroll cost.

Pilots oppose Dyer’s support of Norwegian airline        

Scores of local pilots are challenging Mayor Buddy Dyer’s support of a low-cost carrier that wants

to bring new flights to Orlando International Airport from Norway.

NTSB engages helicopter community to reduce accidents       

The NTSB is engaging with the rotorcraft community to reduce accidents involving helicopters,

agency chairman Deborah Hersman told Heli-Expo attendees yesterday.

Jumbo planes’ wings brush in Los Angeles airport         

Two Qantas Airways (QAN) Ltd. jumbo jetliners made contact with their wing tips at Los Angeles

airport, disrupting services and capping a week of negative news for the carrier seeking a profit


Ukraine Airlines suffers drop in demand due to political crisis            

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) is decreasing the number of scheduled flights on certain routes

as political unrest causes a drop in demand for flights, the airline has confirmed.

WestJet Airlines Ltd could start flying wide-body aircraft next year

WestJet Airlines Ltd. could bring in wide-body aircraft for in-house flying as soon as next year,

the company disclosed to its pilots in a private presentation Thursday.

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