IFALPA Daily News – 27 June 2013‏


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Loss of control responsible for 40 percent of air accidents
On Tuesday, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) published a study of recent world-wide air
Bombardier delays CSeries flight until end of July
The maiden flight of Bombardier’s much-anticipated new passenger aircraft, the CSeries, which
was to take place over the next few days, has been delayed until the end of July.
New study shows strong public support for use of unmanned aircraft
An overwhelming majority of Americans support the use of unmanned aircraft for homeland security,
search and rescue, and fighting crime, according to a new poll released yesterday.
Rolls Royce admits it ‘fell short’ in 2010 Qantas A380 engine blast
Rolls Royce has admitted its safety and quality standards “fell short” after Australia’s transport
safety watchdog found cracks in an oil feed pipe caused an engine to explode on a Qantas A380 in
British Airways’ first Dreamliner routes will be to USA and Canada
British Airways has revealed its first Dreamliner routes – the airline will fly its jet-lag busting Boeing
787s to the USA and Canada.