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EasyJet pilots in France to go on strike
EasyJet pilots in France are to take strike action on Monday after accusing the airline of failing to
share record profits with its staff.
Ryanair denies ‘harsh’ treatment of senior pilot
A Ryanair official denies it was “unreasonably harsh” by refusing to grant a senior pilot paid leave
to move his family from France to Lithuania following the closure of the company’s hub in Marseilles.
Boeing advises about engine icing problems
Boeing is alerting airlines about possible engine icing problems on some of its new planes.
Africa’s aviation industry lagging behind
Safety remains one of the greatest challenges facing African aviation and Africa’s inability to speak
in one voice is worsening the situation.
FCC head says he personally opposes cellphone use on planes
A day after his proposal that in-flight phone calls be allowed on airliners, the head of the US Federal
Communications Commission said on Friday he personally opposed cellphone use on planes but the
decision would be up to airlines.
Singapore Airlines stops world’s longest nonstop commercial flight
The world’s longest nonstop commercial flight ended without fanfare on Monday after Singapore
Airlines (SIA) flew its last nearly 19-hour service from New York.
Asian Airlines to give flight plans to China
Asian aviation officials said airlines would have to inform China of flight plans before entering airspace
over waters disputed with Japan, forcing carriers to acknowledge China’s authority over a newly
declared “Air Defence Identification Zone”.
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IFALPA is opposed to the conduct of engine power-back operation as a normal procedure due to
the poor quality of guidance, braking, steering, vision, possible contamination of the airfoil and the
danger of engine damage, and believes that these operations should not be performed as a regular
practice, especially for jet aircraft or at busy airports.