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FAA postpones rule on changes in pilot training
The FAA was expected to issue a final rule this month concerning airline pilot training.
German pilots grounded as $92,000 tuition can’t bring job
Christopher Siem is spending 70,000 euros ($92,000) out of his own pocket to train as a pilot, a job
where the unemployment rate is twice the German average.
Oregon man accused of aiming laser at landing planes
An Oregon man has pleaded not guilty to federal charges that he aimed a laser pointer at two
commercial planes near the state’s busiest airport.
Russia, China to jointly produce long range passenger jet
Russia and China are expected to complete the design of a new wide-body aircraft for long-distance
flights by the end of the year, Deputy Premier Dmitry Rogozin told journalists Wednesday during his
visit to the Irkutsk Aviation Plant.
Oman Air reaffirms its commitment to women in the work place
To coincide with Omani Women’s Day on 17th October 2013, Oman Air has reaffirmed its commitment
to supporting, empowering and promoting women in the workplace.
Study looks into easing of air traffic congestion in UAE skies
Recommendations for easing congestion above the UAE’s skies have been put forward in a study
carried out on behalf of the civil aviation authority.
Brazil eyes opening skies over World Cup to foreign airlines
Brazil will decide in December whether to open its skies to foreign airlines during the World Cup, the
head of the Brazilian tourism agency Embratur said.
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Only a few spots remain in our upcoming ASMS Course in Casablanca and Negotiations Seminar in
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IFALPA Aviation Safety Management System (ASMS) Course
IFALPA in conjunction with AMPL Moroccan ALPA will be hosting the Aviation Safety Management System
by USC Viterbi School in Casablanca, Morocco from the 18th to 22nd November 2013 taking place at the
Kenzie Tower Hotel, Twin Centre, bd Zerktouni, 20 100 Casablanca.
IFALPA Negotiations Seminar
At the kind invitation of VNV, IFALPA is planning another of our well established Negotiations Seminar at
the VNV offices in Amsterdam from the 13th to the 15th of November.