IFALPA Daily News – 22 November 2013‏


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Airbus delivers first A320 Family aircraft with the Runway Overrun Prevention System
Last week Airbus delivered the first A320 family aircraft with the runway overrun prevention
system (ROPS), an A319, to American Airlines.
US, Indian aviation regulators to hold talks
Two months after raising certain safety concerns with DGCA, a team from US Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) will arrive here next month to hold discussions on the corrective measures
being taken by India in this regard.
Michael O’Leary to take a vow of silence
Following 20 years of swearing, wearing ridiculous felt-based outfits, pointing at Ryanair plane
models of varying sizes, leering at ladies and telling customers where to go – Michael O’Leary has
come to the conclusion his image is bad for the brand and has decided to take a step back from the
Turkish Airlines Director: Turkey’s aviation a success story
Turkish Airlines Director General Temel Kotil attended the 67th Meeting of Agean Young
Businessmen Association (EGIAD) on Thursday.
Airservices and Cathay Pacific collaborate to reduce aviation impact on the environment
Airservices will play a major role demonstrating air traffic management environmental best
practice by assisting Cathay Pacific, under the Asia and Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions
(ASPIRE) program, conduct four flights across the globe, two of those through Australian
airspace on the one day.
ORNGE endangered helicopter pilots, federal probe says
ORNGE failed to ensure the safety of its helicopter operations and endangered its pilots, federal
investigators say in a damning indictment that orders immediate changes at the medical
transport agency.