IFALPA Daily News – 2 August 2013‏


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NextGen panel: ‘We’ve got to move on this’
Several decades ago there was an advertisement with three elderly ladies in a fast-food joint. They
look at a burger and ask, “Where’s the beef?”
Pilots gather for freedom to fly in China’s forbidden skies
Restrictions ban private aircraft owners from almost all of China’s airspace. But Nuomin He, one of
the country’s estimated 2,000 private aircraft owners, is one of the few who grouped together for
the Air Nadaam festival in Hexigten, Inner Mongolia – the first event of its kind – seeking leniency
for aviation enthusiasts.
Jat Airways to rebrand as Air Serbia
Jat Airways is to rebrand as Air Serbia following the purchase of a 49 per cent stake by Etihad.
Brazilian airport workers strike
Thousands of Brazilian airport workers went on strike on Wednesday to demand higher wages,
although contingency plans kept flights running on time, according to state airport agency Infraero.