IFALPA Daily News – 18 June 2013‏


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Air Berlin pilots announce strike after wage negotiations stall
Pilots from Air Berlin have announced a strike after months of unsuccessful wage negotiations.
 Plane lands in UK after note found in loo
A plane travelling between Egypt and the US has made an emergency landing at a Scottish airport
after a suspicious note was found in a toilet.
Emirates takes home 2013 ‘World’s Best Airline’ Award
Emirates Airlines was awarded the highly coveted ‘World’s Best Airline’ award, presented by
Skytrax at the 2013 World Airline Awards yesterday.
FBI rushes to Newark airport after passenger says poison on plane
A passenger who screamed that he had poison aboard a plane that was headed for New Jersey’s
Newark airport on Monday was taken into custody by FBI agents when the plane landed, law
enforcement officials said.
Copenhagen Airport applies noise lessons to cut air pollution
When trade unionists began raising concerns about the health impact of pollution on airfield
ground and service crews, including possible links to cancer, the Copenhagen Airport moved to
restrict aircraft engine use and shift towards greener service vehicles.
China’s skies increasingly crowded with passenger jets
On an average day in 2010, roughly 679,500 people traveled by air in China, fewer than half the
daily number in the U.S. (1,690,000).