IFALPA Daily News – 18 February 2013


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Man sets himself alight at Rome airport
A man from Ivory Coast doused himself with fuel and set himself on fire at Rome’s Fiumicino airport
on Thursday after showing officials a deportation order, police said.
UK team to investigate using digital TV signals for Air Traffic Management
Thales UK, NATS and Roke Manor Research will examine a new system known as multi-static primary
surveillance radar (MSPSR), which uses existing digital TV signals to support air traffic management
PSA Airlines and ALPA reach a tentative agreement for a new contract
PSA pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), have reached a
tentative agreement with PSA Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of US Airways Group, Inc.
Unforgettable landing ends with pilot’s confidence shaken, but not broken
A student pilot’s airplane collides with an SUV as it lands on a Tennessee runway.
Airline merger could squeeze some hub airports
A merged American Airlines and US Airways will carry more passengers around the world than any
other, but even the biggest airline flying doesn’t need eight hub airports on the ground.
Qatar unveils Airport City plans
The State of Qatar has announced plans to transform the area around the country’s new Hamad
International Airport into an Airport City, in a bid to capitalise on the commercial and business
opportunities offered by the gateway.