IFALPA Daily News – 17 March 2014‏


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Lufthansa lashes out at Norwegian
Giant German carrier Lufthansa has joined the fight against rival airline Norwegian’s new practice of using low-cost Asian crews on board its intercontinental flights. Lufthansa’s CEO is accusing his counterpart at Norwegian, Bjørn Kjos, of bringing the same type of crewing loopholes to the skies that the shipping industry launched at sea years ago, and he wants them closed.
Business forum: Court victory is a boost for aviation safety
In a unanimous ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court gave airlines and their employees broad immunity when reporting suspected threats against air travel.

Airbus wins Saudi contract for four A320s

European aerospace giant Airbus said yesterday that it had won a major order worth some $375 million from a new Saudi Arabian airline for four A320 jets.

Ryanair flights cancelled over air traffic controllers strike tomorrow

FLIGHTS IN AND out of Ireland will be affected tomorrow as a result of industrial action by air traffic controllers in France.

New Jet Fuel Surcharge in Indonesia Reduces Low-Cost Airline Ticket Sales

Ticket sales of domestic low-cost carriers in Indonesia have declined up to 20 percent after the Transportation Ministry implemented new (higher) surcharge fees for airline tickets on 26 February 2014. The new fuel surcharge was needed to offset the negative influence of sharp rupiah depreciation in 2013, which led to rising jet fuel prices, as well as low passenger rates amid the current low season. The Indonesia National Air Carrier Association (INACA) had previously requested for the new surcharge as Indonesia’s aviation industry was in jeopardy.

FAA Introduces New Guidelines for Upset Training

The FAA released two proposed advisory circulars last week–AC 120-UPRT and AC 120-109A–to establish new guidelines for pilot upset training. These draft rules were developed as part of the qualification, service and use of crewmembers and aircraft dispatchers final rule published on November 12 last year.