IFALPA Daily News – 17 July 2013‏


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Heathrow unveils three options for third runway
Heathrow has come up with three options for a third runway to the north, north-west or south-west
of the existing airport.
Government indifference to new SARS-like virus puts airlines in a fix
With Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states witnessing an outbreak of a new SARS-like respiratory virus
called MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus), India has not yet taken any
precautionary step to screen passengers arriving from the Gulf states.
Abu Dhabi’s Etihad eyes ‘long-term game’ in Australia
Etihad Airways chief James Hogan says the carrier is in Australia for the “long-term game” amid
speculation that it was behind a flurry of Virgin share purchases this week.
Japanese operators complete checks on 787s, find no issues
Japanese carriers All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines have conducted checks on their Boeing
787 fleets as a precautionary measure, after an incident onboard an Ethiopian Airlines 787 on 12 July.
O’Hare may retake world’s busiest title again, with help of new runway
An increase in flights this year has helped O’Hare International Airport narrow the gap with archrival
Atlanta for the title “world’s busiest airport,” and air traffic controllers in Chicago predict O’Hare will
soon retake the top spot with help from a new runway opening this fall.
Uganda ponders airline revival
The government of Uganda is carrying out consultations on the reviving Uganda Airlines which was
liquidated in 2001.