IFALPA Daily News – 16 January 2014‏


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China is a hot destination for South American pilots

The Chinese airline industry is attracting scores of South American pilots who see far better opportunity

for career advancement with fast growing and startup airlines in the People’s Republic than in their

home countries.

Aviation safety audit starts next week

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials will be in the Philippines next week to conduct an air

safety audit that would pave way for local airlines to expands services to a number of countries.

Helicopter issues make NTSB 2014 Most Wanted List

The United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released its 2014 Most Wanted

List of transportation safety improvements. Among them: “Address the unique characteristics of

helicopter operations.”

Boeing begins high-speed wind tunnel tests for 777X

Boeing has started high-speed wind tunnel tests for the 777X in the manufacturer’s Transonic Wind

Tunnel in Seattle, Wash.

Bombardier delays CSeries service entry

Bombardier has delayed the entry into service of the 110-seat CS100 to the second half of 2015, with

the 135-seat CS300 following six months later.

Teenager allowed to board plane after security confiscate pipe bomb

Skylar Vincent Murphy, 18, was getting on a flight at Edmonton International Airport in Canada when

the explosive device was found.

Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand forge new alliance

Singapore Airlines has confirmed that it has formed another alliance, this time with Air New Zealand,

in a move that will bolster the Kiwi carrier’s position on routes in the Asia-Pacific region.