IFALPA Daily News – 15 May 2013


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New Zealand laws crack down on hand-held lasers
New laws will crack down on hand-held lasers being imported, sold and supplied in New Zealand, in
the wake of court cases against people who used them to distract pilots.
Turkish Air faces strike as deadline approaches
Turkish Airlines staff are highly likely to go on strike from Wednesday, a union official said, raising
the prospect of flight delays and cancellations in a dispute over pay and the reinstatement of
sacked workers.
Turning off iPhone critical to pilots citing interference
The regional airliner was climbing past 9,000 feet when its compasses went haywire, leading pilots
several miles off course until a flight attendant persuaded a passenger in row 9 to switch off an
Apple Inc. iPhone.
Captain locked out as plane cockpit door jams
Air India says the cockpit door of one of its planes got jammed during a flight while the captain was
using the toilet, forcing an unscheduled landing by the co-pilot in central India.
In the first test of its kind, Navy catapults drone from aircraft carrier deck
A Navy commander described Tuesday’s first-ever catapult drone launch from an aircraft carrier a
‘watershed event’ for Naval aviation and the start of new era for unmanned aerial systems.
Unions to combine in American, US Air merger
Two unions that represent ground workers at American Airlines and US Airways said they wouldcombine to become the bargaining agent for nearly 30,000 employees after the airlines merge.