IFALPA Daily News – 15 January 2014‏


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Turkish Airlines hires foreign pilots for safety: CEO

Turkish Airlines (THY) employs foreign pilots to attain global quality standards, the CEO of the company

said, while speaking at the graduation ceremony of the Turkish pilot academy students.

Thai ATC ‘will not be affected’ by protesters

Thailand’s air traffic communications body said on Wednesday it had back-up operations to ensure no

disruption to air travel if hard-line anti-government protesters attempt to shut down its main control


At 100, commercial aviation safer than ever: EASA

Noting that 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of commercial aviation, the European Aviation Safety

Agency also reports that commercial airlines compiled the best safety record in aviation history last


DGCA seeks fresh public objections after clearing AirAsia for take-off

In a move considered unprecedented, the government has asked the public to raise fresh objections,

if any, to granting licence to low-fare airline AirAsia India to start commercial operations in the country

despite the venture being cleared by the Foreign Investment Promotion Board and getting the civil

aviation ministry’s no-objection certificate.

Asian airport traffic continues strong growth

Asia Pacific’s airports continued to experience strong passenger traffic growth in November 2013.

Boeing seeks approval for green diesel as new aviation biofuel

Boeing will seek approval by the end of this year to clear a green diesel blend as an alternative to

Jet-A for turbine-powered aircraft.