IFALPA Daily News – 14 February 2014‏


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Pilot shortage is an airline fairy tale         

Airlines sell a commodity and buy from monopolies, i.e., the airports that provide landing rights.

So it isn’t surprising they have such a tough time making money.

Pilots’ group seeks criminal punishment for laser pointing

A spike in blinding laser attacks against airliners has Canada’s largest pilots’ association demanding

government controls and tough criminal sanctions.

Brazil bans the Airbus A380 from Sao Paulo airport, says runway not wide enough           

Brazil’s air traffic regulator says the world’s largest passenger jet will not be able to use the

country’s biggest airport because its main runway is not wide enough for the Airbus A380.

Low-cost Indian carriers opt for South-east Asian routes as AirAsia readies for India takeoff

India’s low-cost carriers may be apprehensive of ensuing competition in the local market as

AirAsia readies for its India takeoff, but they seem to have successfully dealt with Tony

Fernandes’ airline on the South-east Asian routes.

Avianca Brasil window-shops at Bombardier, Embraer

Avianca Brasil, the closely held airline that offers free food, is talking with plane makers from outside

Brazil along with domestic manufacturer Embraer SA about an order of as many 50 regional jets.

How Airbus Is debugging the A350

A few times a month, Airbus Flight Test Engineer Patrick du Ché stands up from his desk, takes off his

jacket and tie, walks to the coat rack in the corner of his office, and slips into a set of fire-resistant

underwear, a bright-orange flight suit, and sturdy black boots.