IFALPA Daily News – 12 March 2014‏


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Man sentenced to 14 years for pointing laser at police helicopter

A Central California man convicted of pointing a high-powered laser at a police helicopter was

sentenced Monday to spend 14 years in federal prison, a term prosecutors believe to be among

the region’s longest for such a crime.

India Aviation: Aviation ministry says govt in final leg of addressing air safety issues

The government is in the final leg of addressing the US Federal Aviation Agency (US FAA)

concerns on the aviation safety standards in the country, said Ashok Lavasa, secretary, civil


IATA cuts 2014 global airline profit forecast to $18.7 billion   

The Ukraine crisis and economic worries in Latin America have prompted the airline industry to

trim $1 billion off its global profit forecast for 2014, the International Air Transport Association

said on Wednesday.

Embraer rolls out more efficient E-175

Embraer has rolled out the first modified E-175 with a 6.4% improvement in fuel efficiency.

Southeast Asia low-cost airline fleet to expand by almost 20% in 2014. Are more deferrals needed?

Southeast Asia’s low-cost carrier fleet is still projected to increase by nearly 20% in 2014 despite

a recent spate of delivery deferrals and suspensions of expansion.

NATS airspace traffic: Incredible visualisation of plane filled skies      

This incredible footage has been unveiled by Britain’s air traffic controller to give us a glimpse of

the sheer volume of air traffic which exists during a typical summer day above our heads.